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Where we are from

We are in many ways a typical UK based games company. Our three founders all worked together at Lionhead, made some half decent stuff, got on well, shared stories, shared a dream - well you know the kind of thing. The key catalyst had been the combination of their core skillsets - code, design and art - the essence of games creation.

To this nucleus, we have gradually added people with complementary abilities such as character creation, UI, animation, systems coding, consumer insight, marketing and studio representation. Now, as a growing company, we have a team that has been lucky to work on some great games for some great companies, but we want to do more.

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Where we are going

Any company’s culture will develop over time, especially when growing organically as we are right now. We have, however, from the very start wanted to have a vision with clear creative guidelines. These are, in no particular order, inclusivity, creativity, exploration, community and surprise. That is not to say we are all pink and fluffy. We like looking under rocks, scaring ourselves and generally challenging the expected. And we are working hard to bring these facets into everything we do with the belief that by doing so we will make the best games we possibly can.

It is not always easy; indeed it can be a struggle in all manner of ways, but we are doing some fantastic things, supported by our board, agent, advisors, friends and family and hopefully by whoever reads this too.

Where are we now, literally?

You’ll find our little office about 3 minutes’ walk from Guildford Station, at 77 Walnut Tree Close, GU1 4UH