Our values are like our company constitution. They say who we are, and what we are continually aspiring towards. They’re meant as a statement not only on what we expect from the team, but also what the team should expect. And, if you’re interested in working here, these values should give you an insight into what it might be like.

Our Mission Statement:

To reinvent how people play, connect and share their stories by developing inspirational games which spread joy and empower creativity

The values that drive us and our games:

1. We Nurture: The present - Where are we now?

• Staff are cared for, empowered, encouraged and grown

• Games are cared for, encouraged and grown: Good games need time and love

• A culture of respect and shared ownership. The studio is ours, every voice is valid, there is no importance hierarchy

2. We Fulfill: The future - Where are we going?

• We are fulfilling the promise and the potential of our team, with an expectation of excellence

• By removing glass ceilings, the team is challenged but not pigeon-holed

• Leaders are grown from within

3. We Are Brave: How do we get there?

• We are pushing boundaries, not shying away from the hard decisions

• We operate outside of our comfort zone to improve ourselves and our projects

• We are open and candid with constructive feedback