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Emily C.

Tools Programmer

Emily is the mastermind behind and between all parts of the game and engine. Without her programme-y know-how, production would be way more complex across the board – so it’s a wonder she manages to keep our tools running so smooth and simple! A true unsung hero, so let’s hear her own little ditty now, shall we?

Hellooooo, Emily! What is it you do at Glowmade?

I’m a Tools Programmer. It’s kind of sandwiched between engine and the rest of the game.

Basically I work on things that make it easier for people to use of the really cool features of the engine! And possibly encompasses more than that (I’ve not been here too long yet so much more to discover) so far I’ve mostly been working on bits and bobs to make the editor easier to use for artists and level designers.


Now how would your parent describe your job?

I actually asked my mum and she got it pretty spot on! I’ve obviously been boring her way too much talking about programming and games, sorry mum…

(Okay, nobody panic, somebody’s mum actually knows what’s going on – what’s the procedure WHAT’S THE PROCEDURE?!)


How did you get to this point in your career?

Went to art school, spent many years doing art stuff and working in many bars and running a tiny little zine/comics shop, taught English in Sicily briefly, got interested in programming. Wrote my first line of code in August 2020 and got obsessssed!

Did a little bootcamp in web dev (which is pretty unrelated to what I’m doing now) while trying to learn how to make games and learn C++ in my spare time, got an internship at Jagex in May 2021 (oldest intern award, I was 29) and now I’m here!


What made you want to pursue games?

I started playing Stardew Valley when I was in Sicily and it was the first game I’d fallen in love with in years. The fact that it was made by just one person was really inspiring so I started investigating how on earth does one person make such a game, and then got into a rabbit hole that ended up here.


Share something you love doing outside of everything video games.

Walking in nature, reading comics and making my own little cartoons, I also like cycling but I’m scared of the roads.

Who or what inspires you?

In life in general, my mum and dad inspire me a lot! In my hobbies like programming and cartooning, there are loads of people who inspire me so it’s too hard to choose. Oh and my partner too, we’re very different and I’ve learned a lot from him!


Share something you appreciate about yourself. Give yaself a pat on the back, why don’t ya?

When I want to do or learn something I don’t uuuusually have many issues with motivation or procrastination, which can be useful!


What game do you wish you could’ve developed?

Dogz 5, without a shadow of a doubt.

(As a Catz aficionado in my childhood, this is deeply validating – though I don’t think I was quite prepared for how scary 5’s cover art is…)


What’s your personal motto? Or just your fave inspirational quote.

LIVE LAUGH LOVE! jk you don’t need to put that, I don’t really have one…

(No, no, we’re definitely putting that, Emily, I’m so sorry.)


What’s the best thing about working at Glowmade?

Everyone is just really lovely here, and working with people who are passionate about what they are doing and want to do a good job of it is very fun and motivating! I’ve also gotten to do some really interesting things and learned so much and it’s only been 3 months, it’s a lot of fun.


Anyone on the team who stands out as a role model, or source of inspiration, perhaps?

All the engine team (and also Mike D and Jonny, who are not particularly in a team I don’t think? More like programming overlords). They are really skilled but also very open about when they don’t know something, which is very inspiring to someone with less experience.

It’s made me much less nervous about saying I don’t know something, which is just all around beneficial. (The big difference is when they don’t know something it will take 5 minutes for them to get to understand it, whereas it will take me 5 years hohoho)


What do you want from your career? What goals are you looking forward to vaulting past?

I don’t really have a career plan, just going with the flow! I want to get better at what I do basically! Shipping a game is one goal actually!


What are your top tips for someone looking to get into games?

Work hard and make things and don’t reject yourself before you’ve even applied!


In your opinion, who is the cutest Glowmade pet?

I… have no idea, I haven’t met a single pet!

(We are going to be changing this IMMEDIATELY.)


If you had to pick one game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmm it couldn’t be a favourite because I would definitely grow to hate it. I feel like Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 is a game that I could definitely play for a long time without hating it. And if I did grow to hate it I wouldn’t be too sad because it’s not one of my all time faves.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching Veronica Mars, it’s so good. Also Grey’s Anatomy.

(Yes! YES!! This one’s for you, Meredith!!)


There’s one biscuit left in the tin and it’s your favourite… what is it?

Digestive, then you go to the shop and buy another digestive and sandwich them together with butter, my dad taught me that and it’s truly delicious. Can also be done with a Rich Tea biscuit!