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Arber Dyrmishi

Art Lead

Arber is the Art King, ruling with a fair and fantastical hand over all us other artists to make our game something real special. It’s his well-trained eye that keeps Glowmade’s crazy visuals cohesive, and keeps production seamless as can be – no easy task when you’ve this many genius brains churning a hundred ideas a minute! So let’s stop and take just a minute – it’s what he deserves, really. Shall we?

Arber! It is time!! What do you do at Glowmade?

My role is Art Lead, and what do I do? I talk to people the whole day 🙂

What I actually do? I keep a healthy and fast-pace production flowing, while managing and supporting incredible artists, with hands-on feedback that aims to help them toward improving and growing as professionals.


Now how would your mum describe your job?

She thinks I am “getting paid to play videogames.”

(Yeah, good enough.)


How did you get to this point in your career?

That is a long story that can be summarized by: moving across various countries chasing my dreams, sleepless nights doing art, pushing myself, and learning from everyone I met along the way.


What made you want to pursue games?

When I was just a kid, I was stunned by Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation 1. It impressed me how such a deep story with core human values and real world problems was mixed together with some (at the time) incredible gameplay.

Since then, I knew this is was something I had to be part of. It took me quite some time to find the right angle, but in the end I did it.


Share something you love doing outside of everything video games.

I always loved playing Beach Volley/Volley, fishing and snorkelling, riding my mountain bike, and in general I try to immerse myself into nature as much as possible.

Who or what inspires you?

My parents, who left their country to secure a better future for their family.

Those few real friends I can count on, met in various countries around the world in these years in the industry.

The stories of the many artists met in various conferences, and what they had to do in order to arrive where they are.


Share something you appreciate about yourself. Give yaself a pat on the back, why don’t ya?

I make the best Pasta Carbonara you can find in Germany. People travel for hours to try it (friends mostly…)

(Looking up the next possible flight to Germany, brb… I’d sell my left elbow for a good carbonara.)


What game do you wish you could’ve developed?

Metal Gear Solid. Any one of them.

“Bring out the best in others.”

— aRBER dyrmishi, art lead

What’s the best thing about working at Glowmade?

Those moments where somebody comes out with a wacky crazy idea, and everyone gets so exited and pushes for it! Having Fun is always high in the priority list.

(I couldn’t agree more. Tomfoolery is the bread and butter of this place, and it’s created some of our best work – and vibes!)


Anyone on the team who stands out as a role model, or source of inspiration, perhaps?

Those who take full ownership of their craft, and duel with it until the outcome is the best possible result. There are many like this at Glowmade, so it would be totally unfair to only pick one.

What do you want from your career? What goals are you looking forward to vaulting past?

Ultimately, I want to work on unique games that players will remember for many years ahead as something special.


What are your top tips for someone looking to get into games?

Doing your work at the top of the class level is only part of it. Invest in yourself as a person. Spend part of your time growing communication and soft skills as well.


In your opinion, who is the cutest Glowmade pet?

Frank “half pig/half frog/half dog” <3 How do you top that?

(With a hat, perhaps?)


If you had to pick one game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would probably pick a roguelike like Hades, or Dead Cells.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Late at night, when everyone else is asleep, I pour myself some fancy liquor, and watch a whole 1 hour documentary on those mega factories that produces supercars, line airplanes, katanas doesn’t really matter what.

(Oh my GOD, Arber gets it!! The ‘How It’s Made’ wormhole is so real and so beautiful, and I would let it transport me anywhere…)


There’s one biscuit left in the tin and it’s your favourite… what is it?

Is that a chocolate dipped coconut biscuit? Mine!