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The event, taking place at Guildford’s Boileroom on the 2nd and 3rd December, will be a celebration of the pioneering Guildford Games Community and individuals that have contributed to the town being dubbed ‘The Hollywood of Games’. 

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Greetings! ✨

Shanie here, Community Manager by day and expert tea-drinker… Well… Also by day really… but the point is I’m here, reporting for duty from Glowmade Towers! 

Speaking of tea, let’s spill it, so-to-speak. *sip*

I think we can all agree that very exciting happenings are ever-so-slightly on the horizon for the Guildford’s Game Dev community, and things are really hyping up over here at Glowmade since the exciting announcement of our partnership with Amazon Games. (If you haven’t seen it yet, then go! Go! Go!)

Now we’re all on the same page, on to the next exciting announcement! 

The Guildford Games Festival and Awards are back for 2021 and we’re proud as punch to announce that Glowmade will be sponsoring the awards ceremony and members of the team will be featuring in some of the super insightful interviews, set to be aired live on Twitch on December 3rd 2021!

The news of the Festival’s return has the Guildford Games community -and beyond- buzzing over the chance to collaborate, celebrate and support one another once again. Last year the Festival aired a mind-blowing 9 hours of awesome interviews with Guidlford Developers on Twitch. Our very own Jonny, Adam, Fi and Talulah took time out of their hective game-making schedules to share their stories. Keep an eye out for further appearances from the team in this year’s Festival Schedule too! (but don’t worry, I’ll give you the wink on social media when the time comes…)

Guildford is the undisputed ‘Tinseltown’ of video games, which has established some of the most beloved franchises ever, and many of Team Glowmade were responsible for creating the titles that earned Guildford the title of the ‘Hollywood of Video Games’. Needless to say, we are all positively aglow to be sponsoring the annual Guildford Games Festival Awards Ceremony on the 2nd December 2021!

This year, members of the Guildford Game Dev Community will be invited to nominate their fellow employees, pals and peers via online form for the Awards. The categories include Creativity, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion as well as the coveted Guildford Hero Award – though all Gtown devs are heroes, imho. The winners will undoubtedly already have the love and respect of their community, but will also be awarded with a cute little statuette to display on their desks/downstairs loo forever more.

The VIP attendees of the event will be treated to an evening of joyous celebration, with a soundtrack provided by Professor Elemental and hosted by Lauran Carter of Liquid Crimson.

2019 Award Statuette

2019 Award Statuette

I’ll make sure y’all are kept fully in the loop on how to watch the festival and congratulate the award winners as soon as information comes down the pipeline, you have my word! Keep one eye on our twitter account for all the goss!

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ll come and celebrate Guildford Games with us in December!

Whilst we have your attention, a little reminder that Glowmade are hard at work with a super-secret and exciting upcoming project. We’re just going to put the biggest of pins in that for now but we have more exciting updates to come on this very soon.

For now, we are focused on finding more awesome Glowbugs to come and join the game dev adventure with us here at Glowmade.

If you are cool, fun, talented, you enjoy are spectacular at making exciting video games and like the idea of #PastryWednesdays then we may just have the role for you…

So if you’re currently stood at your computer shouting ‘THAT’S ME!’ (with little-to-no context offered to those around you, I like to think) then you should probably stop do that and go check out our jobs page instead – because we are hiring!

The not so distant future has a glimmer of something luminous about it…Watch this space! 👀✨

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