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Adam Pearce

From Comics and Corgis, to Chicken Nuggies – Meet Adam Pearce, Gameplay Lead at Glowmade!

When this Glowbug isn’t climbing the dizzying heights of the Gameplay design world (or climbing dizzying heights IRL) – You’ll find Adam here, for this week’s Getting to Know-made!

Glowmade Towers (*Ahem* the NEW Glowmade HQ!) is home to a team of talented and passionate creators, and support staff. Their creativity and talent bubbles over into our games and studio culture daily, and – frankly – we all benefit from it!

Our small (but mighty!) Team! contains some of the very nicest people in the games industry, the type you’d just love to introduce to your Grandma for Sunday lunch… she digs games, right? Right – who doesn’t?!

It’s always fascinating to understand what makes people tick, and today’s Getting To Knowmade (do you get it?) is with Adam Pearce, Gameplay Lead at Glowmade!

By day, Adam makes sure the game code team runs like a well-oiled machine… and by the rest of the day, a Chicken Nuggie connoisseur, I’m not sure which one I prefer more!

Oh! And if you’re looking to join our friendly little hive of Glowbugs, then great news all round! Because we’re hiring!

Now, let’s spill the proverbial Gameplay Lead tea!….

Hi Adam! So, what’s your role at Glowmade, does it involve playing games all day!?

I’m the Gameplay Lead at Glowmade.

How would your Mum & Dad describe your job?

I tell people what to do and then play games all day.

Your job title in your own words?

I am responsible for the gameplay or “second to second” side of the game. That means working with all our talented disciplines to bring together a cohesive vision for what players actually do with their controllers and ultimately bring the fun in spades!

How did you find your way into the games industry? Tell me all, please!

I was an artist for rubbish flash/web games in my teens, failed my A-Levels, then retook and decided to go to Uni to do Computer Science. I did a sandwhich internship at Criterion Games, EA. Finished uni and went back for 4 years and then decided I wanted a bit of the indie pie and joined Glowmade.

Describe the moment that got you to pursue a career within the games industry. Don’t hold back!

I don’t think I can attribute it to one moment, I always enjoyed making games and playing them of course, but never thought it was a career. I managed to organise a coffee meet when I was 16 with an Ex-Director at EA and he explained to me his journey and his career and I think that really opened my eyes that you can do this stuff for a living and why wouldn’t I want to explore my passion for living?

Share something you love doing outside of everything video games.

I climb once or twice a week which is my attempt at keeping in shape. I have a cute corgi who loves a cuddle and along with my partner, they’ve been single handedly keeping me sane over the last few years. Lastly, I love comic books specifically Spider-Man, to the point where my dog is named Parker after Peter Parker and I have 3 massive Spider-Man art canvas’ signed by Stan Lee (RIP!) in my dining room.

Love this…..3000 :’)

Pretell… who or what inspires you?

Highly creative people inspire me, seeing people’s creative outputs.

Adam, we know why we appreciate you as the magnificent Glowbug you are, but what do you appreciate most about yourself?

I appreciate my organisational and leadership skills. I think it often comes in very useful in game dev and has got me to where I am.

*Raucous Applause* Wise words Mr. P, very wise!

Highly creative people inspire me, seeing people creative outputs, be it movies, stories, art, etc.

— Adam Pearce, Chicken nugget enthusiast.

What interesting nuggets of wisdom* can you offer for someone looking to get into games?

(*Not the chicken variety, obvs. ;P)

Learn to finish things. Make as many games as you can. Reach out to dev communities and learn from them. Understand what you love about making games and hone in on that.

— Adam Pearce, Gameplay Lead, corgi o̶w̶n̶e̶r̶ LEADER.

Who on the team is most likely to make a mess in the office?

Adam S but because he’ll be making some crazy art installation!

Who’s the first to make a round of tea?

Fi! She made me tea on my first day 😀

There’s one biscuit left in the tin and you’re all eyeing it up… what is it?

A bourbon

How do you maintain the team feeling and connection whilst in lockdown?

I try to message people all the time. Even if its a “Hey hows it going?”

What’s your personal motto?

K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple Stupid.

What’s the last thing you ate?


knew it! 😉 What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I was born in South Africa

And the one we are all desperate to know, what’s your guiltiest pleasure?

SUNDAY BATH NIIIIIIGHTS with a beer and YouTube 😀

You want Dev superpowers? â˜THIS☠is how you get Dev superpowers! (…..Says me, myself and I!)

Well there you have it! Thanks for sharing this Adam, we know you’re a very busy guy and it’s very much appreciated! – And don’t forget WE ARE HIRING! We want to hear from you, even if you don’t see a role listed on our website that fits your skills – get in contact! And show us your adorable pets whilst you’re at it!