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Like many teams – long distanced and in and out of lockdowns – Glowmade rely heavily on chat platforms to retain the team feel, and share everything from the very important to the extremely incidental.

Glowmade’s resident blog writer, always keen to sing the praises of the team (a bit like a poor man’s Axl Rose), will be plucking the very finest of these topics, as they materialise in the team chat, and sharing them with you!

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This week the team’s attention was fleetingly focused on the best games to play one handed, after the news that Our Mike G has suffered some tendon damage in one of his precious hands. Get well soon, Mike! We’re pouring this one out onto the internet for you…


Universal Paperclips

First up is Project Lead Jim, with his click-till-you-pop-pick: Universal Paperclips!

The game turns the traditional clicker on its head, by putting the player in the place of artificial intelligence. You’ll find yourself addictively making paperclips (not a metaphor) for the next two days at least, according to Jim, until eventually… well, you’ll see.

I genuinely think this is a culturally important game.

— Our Jim

Jim describes the game as genuinely culturally important, an experience that takes you places with a super interesting plot. Spoilers, there is also ‘an end’. Colour us intrigued!

Loop Hero

This pick belongs to Lead Progammer Adam P, citing its gameplay perfect for those suffering tendon damage of the hand (hi again, Mike!).

Bad news, my dudes, the world is stuck in a timeless loop and chaos will ensue. We’re gonna need a hero for this, and one with a firm understanding of loops. This innovative rogue-like may be a recent release, having launched in March of 2021, but one that found the perfect snug-of-space in Devolver’s catalogue.

Perfect to loop away a pause between lectures, as long as you’re prepared to get stuck in a loop yourself.

— dude/tte on steam

Sharpen your senses, build a deck and prepare to piece together fragments of memories for what might end up being enternity…


Who doesn’t enjoy a puzzle game?! Jaime, our sound designer, loves Pictopix puzzle games in particular-pix and this is his… pick (sorry).

Classic and great gameplay. Community levels are great. Making personalized puzzles for your friends is even better.

— Nutto, Steam User

Gameplay sounds simple enough – use logic to color squares on grids in order to reveal pictures. Cool. What players are faced with, however, is a fiendishly additive puzzle, offering hundreds of levels and the option to play UGC levels or create your own. Adjust the difficulty and find joy in bamboozlement for days!

That seems like a good amount of single-handed-gameplay suggestions! Let us know how you get on (you too, Mike! How’s the hand, btw?) and punt over some of your own suggestions. Stay tuned for part 2!