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Like many teams – long distanced and in and out of lockdowns – Glowmade rely heavily on chat platforms to retain the team feel, and share everything from the very important to the extremely incidental.

Glowmade’s resident blog writer, always keen to sing the praises of the team (a bit like a poor man’s Axl Rose), will be plucking the very finest of these topics, as they materialise in the team chat, and sharing them with you!

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One Handed Games

Part 2

Last week the team started putting together their fave games to play one handed, because Our Mike G can’t be the only video game enthusiast to find himself with an impared paw.

Part One offered 3 excellent games from the team, go and have a read if you missed it, but without further ado…


Scythe: Digital Edition

Board game lovers rejoice, UI Artist Sam has come through for you! This strategy-board-game-turned-Steam-game is a tried and tested classic, and steeped in accolades.

Players enter an alternate reality europe, with the first World War still fresh in the minds of the population. Another conflict is inevitable, but this time with the addition of mechs (and show me something, anything, that hasn’t been improved by mechs. Don’t worry… I’ll wait.)

Evocative, clever and rewarding

— PC Gamer

Explore, expand, exploit and enjoy being at the helm of this fictional retelling, where history and syfy collide! Take up command of one of 5 factions and lead them – and the people – to victory, and become the Hero of Europa!

Monster Train

Monster train is another title dripping in delicious accolades and well worth your time! Submitted by Glowmade’s Audio Affictionado Jaime (who you may remember from part one), if your game library includes rogue-like games such as Slay the Spire, Monster Train will be your jam!

I have never—not once—gotten sick of this game and I doubt I ever will.

— NefariousPorpoise, Steam

Released in 2020, Monster Hunter offers players a strategic, rogue-like deck-builder with a twist (I love a twist!) and its fans cite its addictive gameplay and endless replayability as just two of the many reasons to give it a try.

Shuffle the deck, lads, it’s time to pit evil against good in a battle set to feed the hellfire… well, with any luck anyways.


Ine, our 3D Artist, rounds up our list with Machinarium. Bucking the trend of the team’s favoured strategy games, Machinarium is an adventure game and it’s as cute as they come!

Awesome game

— Our Sam

Help Josef the Robot, on a mission to save his Bertha his beloved who’s been… KIDNAPPED?! Wait a minute… who’s done that, then?! Gah, poor Bertha. She’s so innocent and sweet. This is really quite a shock.

You’ll only need one finger to point and, subsequently, click your way through this beautiful adventure game. The dreaded Black Cap Brotherhood will surely be no match for you and plucky robot Josef, and he and Bertha will be reunited in no time, understood? Great, thx.

That’s it for our one handed games feature, hopefully the 6 titles we’ve mentioned will ensure ample resting time for any digit related injury.

Who knows what tales the Slack chat will offer up next – it really could go in any direction knowing this team – but fear not, the Glowmade correspondant will be there, pen and paper in hand, to make notes and report back to you.

Over and out o7