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Glowmade Towers (which during lockdown has become more of a feeling than a place) is home to a team of talented and passionate creators, and support staff. Their creativity a bubbles over into our games and studio culture daily, and – frankly – we all benefit from it!

It’s always fascinating to understand what makes people tick, and today’s Getting To Knowmade is with Mike Ducker – Principal Programmer, a constant source of cheer and part time horse. Make of that what you will…

And don’t forget – WE ARE HIRING and we want to hear from you, even if you don’t see a role listed on our website that fits your skills – get in contact! And tell us about your favourite biscuit whilst you’re at it.

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Mike Ducker

Principal Programmer

OK Mike, we’re gonna start with the tough questions…

What is… your job?

Principal Programmer. Sometimes I get to architect cool new things. Sometimes I get thrown complex bugs that require archaic knowledge of the codebase. Sometimes I help out on whatever boring task no-one else wants to do. Mostly I just code, code, code.

Imagine your parents are describing your job to their postman, how do they put it?

Making flashy beep beeps to avoid working for a living.

Gosh, sounds like your folks have us all figured us out…

Bring it back from the void for us, describe your job in your own words:

Gameplay code extreme cogitator.

Googles “cogitator†– ooooh, got it!

So, how did you get here – to the games industry?

I regularly checked the job listings in the local papers after finishing uni (this was 1997 you know – papers were all the rage), and saw a small ad for a programmer at a tiny games studio. I thought to myself “I like playing games, that sounds fun” and applied. I’d somehow never considered actually making games all the way through three years of a computer science degree.

Then I bounced around like a complex dynamical system until I came to rest at the strange attractor that is Glowmade Manor.

Who or what inspires you?

Seeing people under half my age dreaming big and having an impact on the world. Either in creativity, technology, activism or whatever else they choose.

Tell us about what you love doing outside of work?

Evolving soft bodied robots. Playing guitar. Giving horsie rides (I’m the horse).

And the winner of The Weirdest Work Q&A Answer Award goes to…

Share something you’ve learnt about yourself through the medium of your work (or through being the horse, I guess)?

I’ve learnt not to fear the occasions where I feel like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing at the start of a task – and that not knowing is okay!

You’re so right! Plus, learning is for cool kids!

… not knowing is okay!

— Mike Ducker

What’s the best thing about working at Glowmade?

The people. As cliched as that sounds, everyone is lovely, supportive and collaborative. I only wish the pubs were open.

What careers goals are you looking forward to vaulting past?

To make a hit game that I’ve had a prominent hand in creating. To have helped make a company that is flourishing a decade from now. To have my soft bodied robots take over the world.

Truly noble causes, good sir!

Who on the Glowmade team inspires you the most? (don’t worry, I won’t tell them… honest!)

Adam Sibbick. How he can be so chirpy and happy and awake with 5 kids, I have no idea.

Amen to that! I feel tired just thinking about it!

Another question from the ‘hard hitting’ column… In your opinion, who is the keeper of the cutest Glowmade pet?

In the unlikely scenario that my daughter doesn’t count as a pet, then I would choose Parker (although Stef’s creepy crawlies are a close second)

If you could have been involved in the development of ANY game, which would it be?

Warcraft 3 or Age of Empires

What’s your personal motto?

Stop bloody procrastinating (it took me ages to choose that)

I took the liberty of translating that into Latin for you! Presenting House Ducker: Prohibere Cruenta… erm…Procrastinati!

It’s been a year (and then some), how do you and the Glowmade Team maintain a team feeling and connection whilst in lockdown?

Actually calling people to talk rather than tappy tappy tappy.

You have a fine way with words, Mike, have you ever considered speech writing?

Make, make, make! No CV is worth half a second of footage of something you’ve created

— Mike Ducker

We have reached the end of this extremely insightful edition of Getting to Know-Made, and my final question is probably the most important. What advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in the Games Industry?

Make, make, make! No CV is worth half a second of footage of something you’ve created

Thanks, Mike! With any luck we’ll all be down the pub together soon!